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Author Topic:   Storing Fuel Question
Dirt Maniac

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posted August 16, 2004 08:03 AM  
I can't believe we only have 3 or 4 races left for our season. I'm about ready to make my last fuel purchase and wonder what you all do to store it in the off season. I usually put stabil in all my other stuff, dunebuggy, etc. Would you use stabil with 110 octane?

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posted August 16, 2004 11:03 AM  
i have used stabil before. i think the key is to keep it in a sealed container in a cool place (not in the sun) mix it with some new stuff next year and you should be fine.



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I agree. I've stored alky over the winter in well sealed containers in my garrage and had no problems. And alky is notorious for soaking up moisture.


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