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Author Topic:   Tight in the middle
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posted July 05, 2004 12:44 AM  
I run a Pure Stock...81 Regal chassis. Tires are 245/60 LR, 255/60 other 3. 3" offset LF & RR, 2" offset RF & LR. The car is good going in, then pushes in the middle, and is good/little loose off. How can I free the car up in the center of the corner, but not loosen it up anymore coming off. I didn't know to try front stagger, or to mess with the offsets, and I don't know alot about how changing offsets affect the car. Thanks.

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posted July 05, 2004 10:36 AM  
im having the same problem with metric hobby car. we are running rear springs with 50 pounds diffirence, with the stiffer spring obviously on the left rear. im told to simply swap sides with the springs ( right on left) and vice versa. then make sure ride hights and precentages are corrected. this is suposed to free the car up in the middle, and tighten it on exit. im going to try it this week, at DIXIE speedway (woodstock, ga) and see how it does. ill post results later. neil

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posted July 07, 2004 06:57 AM  
if its not pushing going in i would simply change my entry line to more of a late apex type and try to carry more momentum into the corner and try to get it down into a lower line a little sooner. i say this only because you didnt mention a push condition going in or a loose condition coming off. you might try increasing the rear stagger just a bit. if the car is handling good in all other phases of the turn then it could simply be your particular driving style that is causing the car to push in the middle.


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