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Author Topic:   Question for KP lugnut
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posted June 01, 2004 08:33 PM  
I have a 2gc that has a attitude the accpump dosentseem to squert nearly enough I have cleaned it out and blew air threw it don't seem to help I you or any one have any ideas that will help or a direction to go. it idlesfine can't accelerate at all unless you ease in to it but to jabthe throttle forget it, it not happning

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posted June 04, 2004 09:12 AM  
Sorry, I missed this post 'till just now...

It could be a bad seal between the pump well and the pump diaphram itself, or a weak or broken pump piston spring that collapses too early.
Is there zero play in the pump linkage from the throttle to the pump link arm? The holes tend to wear excessively in the older carbs where the linkage goes.
Also, make sure the booster assembly is the right style, i.e., some assy's didn't have the pump squirter passage drilled and relied on a channel to be milled in the booster assy mounting surface in the carb body directly under where the booster assy mounts.
If the hole is not drilled for the pump circuit in the booster assy, and your carb body doesn't have the channel connecting the pump circuit feed hole to the center screw of the booster assy, then there will NEVER be a pump shot of any kind.
Another common problem is a stuck check ball in the pump circuit feed hole (under the red spring that is held down by the little T-shaped insert under the booster assy). That check ball often will stick.

Now... the most COMMON problem and probably the first place to look is that someone didn't forget to re-install the small aluminum check ball in the feed hole in the bottom of the accel pump well itself. There were some early 2G's that didn't have this hole (the one closest to the bowl and not the one that is the exit hole to the squirters).
If there needs to be a ball in there and there isn't one, then about 90% of your pump shot is being sent right back into the fuel bowl.

Hope that helps, and sorry this is so long. I'll shut up now, since my fingers are tired... :-)

Feel free to contact me if ya still can't get it fixed.


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posted June 09, 2004 06:58 AM  
It was the check ball under the t insert It was stuck we free it up then It werks great now thanks for the great info


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