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Author Topic:   60" Floater in GM Full Size Frame need help
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posted May 24, 2004 11:46 AM  
We need some help/advice please. We are trying to install a 60" Off-Center Floater rear-end into our Full Size GM frame. We had a Ford 9" in there previously and thought it was about the same size as the Floater that we are trying to install. However, after getting things stripped down, it appears that the Floater is actually shorter (but mainly due to the fact that the floater hub is attached to the tube, where as the axle hub on the 9 inch comes off the end of the tube. So now it looks like when we put our wheels on, we will not have much clearance for our tires to clear the frame. I was wondering if anybody else out there had this problem, and what their solution was. It's tough racing a full size hobby in a metric hobby world, and I was curious if the rear frame for a metric (from side to side) is shorter, and that the floater was made to fit a metric. Thanks.


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