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Author Topic:   Disc rear brakes on 9 in
Dirt Roller

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posted April 27, 2004 06:46 AM  
I have a metric chassis and a 9 in rear end with disc brakes new to racing and trying to decide if i should throw the proportioning in the trash and what master cyl should I use,runing gm caliper on all 4 brakes. any help would be greatful

Dirt Maniac

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posted April 27, 2004 05:39 PM  
trash the the back brakes to the front of the master and the front brakes the the back of the master. oh yeah...get a master off a mid 70's monte carlo

Dirt Freak

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posted April 29, 2004 09:05 PM  
If your running a brake booster then use the standard chevelle or camaro 1 1/8 bore M/C. If you are running manual brakes then make sure to get a M/C for a mid 70s camare with manual brakes. It has a 1 inch bore. A M/C for a 91 jeep wrangler might be easier to find. It also has a 1 inch bore.

Dirt Freak

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posted April 30, 2004 06:45 AM  
Use a master from an 80 Corvette 4 whl disc brake system. Works like a champ.


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