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Author Topic:   rear end and tranny helpers
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posted April 12, 2004 12:29 PM  

while I had the camera out, thought I'd take a pic of a couple of my better creations (in terms of usefullness, not neccesarily originality or craftsmanship).

one is a tranny helper/holder I made years ago when I ran those heavy saginaw transmissions. Made from a camaro leafspring/shock mounting plate and a few skraps ..... easy to use, one bolt (shown) picks up one of the rear mount holes (on the tranny) it fits in the jack in place of the saddle. Kind-of dusty now, Muncies are light enough to hold with one hand while you line up the splines ..... but this sure was handy when swapping saginaws solo.

the second tool is a 3rd member holder .... great for removing and installing pumkins, or the whole rear end. I cheated a little on this in that I cannibalised a broken jack (for the saddle) the rest was some bracket laying around (Chevy EFE valve bracket?).


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