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Author Topic:   tci glide ?s
Dirt Freak

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posted April 10, 2004 04:10 PM  
we had practice this afernoon. the new tci cicrlematic glide was well worth the cost i knocked quite a bit off my lap times and ran the fastest time of the day for my class. i got a question. when backing up why do i keep stalling i'm slowly getting used to it but i finally gave up and parked the car so i could pull in and out.what can i do to improve driveability in reverse with out having to pull the tranny apart. low gear was fine i can sit there and idle in first gear without stalling. when i pulled on the track eased on the gas and it went into gear kinda felt like a stick shift. left it right in low gear and it flys. it's taking me a while getting used to the whole engine braking deal and all the extra power but after a few more laps we should be in victory lane. i just hope i don't have to back up to get


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