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Author Topic:   How do you mount your body?
Dirt Freak

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posted March 24, 2004 10:31 PM  
rubber stock mounts, steel square tubing spacer, or weld it right onto the frame?

Dirt Roller

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posted March 25, 2004 04:36 AM  
no rubber skin it hang it hold it with dzus fasteners or whatever don't make brackets to solid let them be able to bend or when you get bumped ypu'll be going the wrong way lol

Dirt Forum Champ
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posted March 25, 2004 11:32 AM  
I think hes talking about the main body itself, if so remove all rubber bushings and weld it straight to the frame.If you cant get it to set flush on the frame you might need to slide a piece of of material uder the body to fill the gap then weld it up.I used 1/2 square tubing.

Dirt Forum Champ
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posted March 25, 2004 04:20 PM  
If you really think aboutit - the body is used as a crush zone and you want it to be able to move with a heavy impact and yet you do not want it to move your chassis when this occurs. I have to disagree with traditional thinking about mounting the body too solidly to the chassis. I trashed a car last year because I built it too much like a tank instead of building crush zones into the car. The body is just for looks anyway!

Dirt Forum Champ
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posted March 26, 2004 01:02 PM  
You want the body welded solid to take some flex out of the chassis.By leaving it on rubber your not providing a crush zone unless your roll cage is not welded to the chassis.99% of the time you wreck your cage takes the blow, if hard enough it will hurt the chassis no matter if the body is welded or not. The places you want crush zones is mainly in the front bumper area, if you build this to solid you will bend your frame horns all up.Also the front fender area, its easier to replace some light tubing than try to straihten your frame. If your car is built right the outer shell of your car should be a crush zone and the mounting points (where you weld the body) should have no effect.

Dirt Freak

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posted March 28, 2004 06:23 AM  
If the chassis is built right, then the way the body is mounted makes no difference EXCEPT for positioning and weight placement.

I remove the body mounts to lower the body and to reposition the body. As far as welding the body to the frame and causing the frame to be bent in a crash ?????. The main intregrity is the frame. All the techology should be put into the frame and the body is just that a body. Mount it light and make it tear away for easy repair and lack of hangup in a contact situation.

Dirt Forum Racer

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posted March 28, 2004 07:57 PM  
my body is kinda mounted to itself. I can't seem to see exactly whats hanging where due to this stuff called skin.

Dirt Forum Champ
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posted March 28, 2004 08:03 PM  
likea late model with a raised floor


redneck racing
Dirt Forum Champ
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posted April 10, 2004 07:50 PM  
Bolted it straight to the frame on the new Nova. Eddie


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