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Author Topic:   2 barrel Intakes- canada ??
Dirt Roller

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posted April 25, 2003 09:56 PM  
Does anyone know if the 2 barrel intakes stamped canada on them are any good for a chevy ? Any input

Dirt Full Roller

Total posts: 46
posted April 25, 2003 10:57 PM  
The one with the part number that ends with 313 is the best one..

Dirt Maniac

Total posts: 112
posted August 17, 2004 12:16 PM  
I have a intake that is #3816313 I think it's sorta hard to read either one of the last 2 3's might be an 8 is their a site that shows cast numbers for intakes. Also where would the canada stamp be I don't see it anywhere so i'm thinking the 313 isn't correct. or did they make 313 cast number in both canada and non-canada.


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