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Author Topic:   home built chassis
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posted August 09, 2005 12:17 AM  
Just curious how many home built cars there are out there? I've got a local modified builder who is starting to make a good name for himself, I have total confidence in his fabrication work and have been thinking about letting him jig my eagle and building me a new one. How much if any DOM tubing is there in a sprint car? I would guess and say they are 100% chromolly. Also, do the major builders tig weld there cars or are they mig welded? My guy can do either, he tig welded a modified once and said he'd never do it again because of how long it took. I wouldnt think the major builders tig weld due to extra time and cost.

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posted August 09, 2005 03:58 AM  
there is a guy here that builds a car very similar to the maxxim cars. he is a very, very good fabricator and the cars are really good. a top driver that i know well has driven both a maxxim car and the locally reproduced version and actually prefers the local car. this driver has won heaps of races. all the cars that i have seen in recent years are tig welded 100% chrome moly, i was quite surprised to my rocket late model chassis was mig welded when i purchased it.
there are also a couple of guys here that build mild steel chassis sprintcar chassis for the "limited" sprintcar division, they are a little heavy (compared to a c/m car) but are very durable and easy to repair.
one thing i have learned is that the guys that build the "name" cars are just another very good fabricator that happens to be employed by the "name" company. if your a good fabricator/welder and are particular with your workmanship, you can build anything as good as the next guy. its usually just the design (tried & proven) that is the difference.

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