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Author Topic:   self starting 2006
Dirt Freak

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posted December 03, 2004 10:47 AM  
What does everyone think about DIRT (Boundless) making WoO sprints self starting in 2006?

Dirt Forum Champ
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posted December 04, 2004 07:30 AM  
I feel for the sprint cars to get to the NEXT level this was needed..... I'm just NOT sold on the idea of taking sprint cars to the next level. If a driver wants to use sprint cars to get to the next level fine, when a driver wants to move up they should.

I think boundless or whoever is running the WoO is looking for a return on investment like any good business person should, and they will get a better return on their money by making the cars self starting with a clutch to get them rolling after a red flag.

It all LOOKS this way, but I don't believe it will happen........ Champ cars have had starters for a few years and they don't get TV contracts.

As for speeding up the show......because that seems to be the REASON for going in this direction...... let us change some stupid rules..... If you get a flat and stop on the track to bring out the yellow you are DONE for the night....yes, im serious stop laughing........I remember a TV race from Eldora that every car except 1 that finished took on a right rear.... EVERYONE thinks that is how sprint car racing is....every week this is what happends??? that is what the average fan seen with their own eyes.... why would these fans want to go to a local track and watch that mess???? The other thing is this, NEVER add fuel after the green flag is dropped, why should a guy be penalized for hauling around a extra 30 pounds (4-5 gallons) of fuel, this guy hauled that fuel for 25 laps and now there is a red flag, this guy has run more weight and now he gets kicked in the gut for having enough to go the distance and NEVER adjusting the car on a red flag stop......... gear changes, bar changes, shock changes..... part of what makes dirt track racing fun is guessing what the track is going to do and setting up for the end of the race..... or if you start deep in the pack maybe you want the car fast right off the start to get to the front, but then the car falls off ...... this is SPRINT racing.......that's what it should be a sprint......NOT A LONG RACE THAT TAKES OVER A HOUR TO RUN 30 LAPS...... at our local tracks sprint cars turn the fastest laps but take the longest to get done..... why don't the fans like them???? That is why we don't have a sprint car track that runs them weekly......twice a year for a special do they bring in sprint cars.

Dirt Freak

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posted December 04, 2004 09:13 AM  
If track owners and promotors really wanted to shorten the time to run their programs they would not have 4 to 6 classes in competiton at the same event. I am part of a touring sprint team and have found that our hot laps and heat races may be separated by two hours and then another two hours until the sprint feature. All the while waiting on other classes.

Want another solution? Institute a yellow flag rule for EVERY class. In a heat race, if a racer causes a yellow flag then they are eliminated from the heat. In the Feature, a racer would be allowed two yellow flags. The first one moves them to the rear and the second one eliminates them from the feature.

Sprint cars don't need starters. They need to eliminate the idiot drivers who think they can drive a sprint car, modified, late-model, midget, mini-stock, etc. Let 'em learn how to drive on their own time.

Gerry Dedonis
Chapman, Kansas
Covenant Race Team 4+ Sprint

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