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Author Topic:   tire temps
Dirt Full Roller

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posted April 16, 2004 03:02 AM  
i new to setting up sprintcars and everyone has told me to take tire temps to figure out how the car is handling. which i have been doing but i unsure what the temps mean? any help would be great.

Dirt Forum Racer

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posted April 17, 2004 10:04 PM  
Steve,I read an article one time that spoke about tire temps,and how you can read from that.You check the temp on the inside,middle,and outside.Playing with the set up to bring temps down will mean you're probably getting better grip,but the right rear will always be the hottest which I'm sure you already know.The same could be said about the left side,but the bigger the right side tire the less the left helps.You want it somewhat on the loose side because if the driver finds moisture on the track,with that big tire its going to want to aim you to the wall when it grabs.shock rates were also mentioned.I noticed that some teams tend to run a shock that will squat on the left,which would come in handy on a dry track,but renders a car undriveable when tacky.Softening the set up will tighten most cars,but sprints are a whole different ballpark.I seemed to remember the site was from a place in California.By no means do I know what I'm talking about,just relaying what I read a while back.

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