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Author Topic:   Shop Ideas for 2006
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posted October 02, 2005 11:27 PM  
Now that racing for the most part is done, it is time again to upgrade our shops and so fourth. Post what you guys are thinking about doing over the downtime during the winter. We all might be able to benefit from it and make some nifty tools and use some ideas at our own places.

For starters, I am wanting to build an A frame with a chain hoist on it to pull motors, lift cars up with. Also wanting to coat my floor with the U-Coatit kits. Right now we are just s****ing by with our shop. We've moved one door down at our building so we could let a top teir Latemodel team in where I was. We are lacking lighting. I cut our area down a lot, looking at about a 40x25 area. The nice thing about our space is my engine building room is not included in this space. We're going to hopefully put up about 6 8 foot light balasts and put walls up. Right now we are in the area where we store cars/boats/campers for the winter. I'm also wanting to build one of the sheet metal brakes that you can buy plans for over the net. I've got it down Pat how to flatten bends without using the brake.

As far as Fabrication area, I'm wanting to build a new fab bench that'll have a nice steel top, hold a drill press, grinder, vice, and be tall enough for some large storage underneath. Thats some of the things we are lacking, Fab space.

What do you guys look at for shop improvements?

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posted October 03, 2005 05:22 PM  
do you have the hoist already? I've got 2 hardly used aluminum hoist with chain, one is 1/2 ton the other is 1 ton. These retail for over $600 each I'll sell em for $250/each + shipping. I can get some pictures later this week if you are interested.

I've also got a steel beam to mount the hoist on with the slider if you have the roof supports strong enough. This beam is about $1200 new. $400 will buy it.

edit: Can make a package deal if interested in hoist and beam.

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posted October 18, 2005 08:10 AM  
Don't need the beam yet, but I'll keep ya in mind.

Nobody else is going to do shop improvements?

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posted October 18, 2005 10:49 AM  
Im wanting to get a bead roller and a 6 foot sheet metal brake.

My dad is talking about building a new shop,we share with his brother in law that starting to say he dont have room to work,when he dont work but 1 day a month on a project street car,and were its at we have built two street stocks from the ground up,then he gets mad when I lock my toolbox and he cant use my Snap-on tools.

If we build a new shop,I want to have a lift,and outside I want a place to wash the car.I would like to have an area in the shop thats just for set ups,scales on the floor with ramps, and an office space by that area for 'bench racing' ya know!

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posted October 20, 2005 09:02 PM  
Lighting is VERY IMPORTANT as everybody knows.
here are a few idea I have seen and if i built and had the $$$ I would build it with these.
1) a local guy that is way overkill on everything put oulets every 5 foot along the walls, this is like a 60x60 shop he did it in, but you dont run out of plug ins.
2) tin on the inside wall so you can wash them off if wanted to.
3)bandsaw, much cleaner and quiter than a chop saw, much much cleaner cut and more accurate. A friend bought one for the shop and I will not go back to a chop saw, if you have a ton of extra cash a cold cut saw is bad... but really expensive.
4) the high school i went to had a large welding shop, all the poweroutlets and air hoses on large industrial reels hanging from the ceiling. So when not in use out of the way, they did not bind and lasted a very long time. BUt i can imagine a good one like the school had was expensive.

Darren Scott
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posted October 22, 2005 03:15 AM  
I've upgraded my welder, fitted earth leads from it all over the place and changed my benchtop so that the vice, grinder and tube bender all share the same mount, and can be removed and stored under the bench to give me more usable space on top. I also cut the sidewalls outta a coupla ruined tyres and made floor mats from the tread, nice to stand on.
Oh, and I reworked the lighting, just moved it so I'm not working in shadows all the time.
Now all I gotta do is keep my dad outta the garage.......

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posted October 22, 2005 02:17 PM  
A few more things have changed. Seeing's I am doing more and more sheet metal work, we are going to build a small fabrication area with a long bench for building things. I've got stuff to make a Jig for the front and rear bumpers on my new car, and I'd also like to build a small jig for the Tail section of the new car too.

We're going to put a drop ceiling in the fab area. The Fab area should be big enough to roll a car into, and build and hang a body... along with fixing anything that needs fixed. I figure it is easier to have one area where you fab everything, so if you do have to replace some bars, or build a tail section that you can roll the car in wrecked and roll it out fixed.

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posted October 22, 2005 09:27 PM  
Xtreme, if your going to build a jig for the tail section, then I would be tempted to go ahead and build a new tail before the season starts, then if you crash enough to need a new tail you just have to hack off the old one, and weld on the new one. Not scrable to get a all new one done. Build one and set it off to the side or up in the rafters.(just leave the attach points you ready to go on the car).

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