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Author Topic:   Teaxs Surveyors ???
Dirt Roller

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posted March 29, 2004 01:15 PM  
Long story short...had a 18 x 18 shed that burnt down last summer(will never again use a torch without check valves in lines) State Farm did us a good deal on the contents and naturally spend most of the money on tools and race car parts, lol. Go to rebuild late November and now find out that our property isn't "PLATTED" Never heard of this b4. Its been surveyed, just never platted for easements and right of ways for the city. Cheapest surveyor in DFW area is asking $2,000 to do this...foe one piece of 24x36" paper...that doesn't even show the house, driveway, trees, etc on it!!
Does any surveyors from Texas like race cars? Has to be Texas certified, not city or county to male it legal eagle.
i tried the usual grandfather loopholes, but to avail. "no plat, no permit."
Wish now that I had just built it and seen what would have happened, but can't now that dummy me has tipped them off.
thanks for listening to me vent and ramble...back to the grass and gravel to work on the mod!!

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