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Author Topic:   exhaust fans
Dirt Maniac

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posted November 20, 2003 11:57 AM  
Hey do any of you guys have an exhaust fan in your shops for paint fumes, welding fumes, etc. In the summer no problem (big doors), winter is an issue. I am looking to put something similiar to a whole house fan in with louvers into the wall.

Dirt Freak

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posted November 20, 2003 06:56 PM  
if ya go to a farm supply store they should have fans with louvers already on them in different sizes the ones at our shop we took furnice filters and duct taped to the inside to help keep air clean(so the ground dosent turn red from paint)

Dirt Forum Champ
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posted November 27, 2003 04:55 PM  
we use the fans off old furnaces that we put a small electric motor on and just crack the shop door to blow it out if you wanted you could use some duct work and run it out the wall the good thing about that is it's low and it doesn't lose heat as bad as a fan in the wall will

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