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Author Topic:   What size springs?
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posted September 07, 2005 07:17 PM  
What size springs are in the front of metrics???

also what springs for rears???

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posted September 07, 2005 09:04 PM  
If you aren't running shims/adjustors you are looking at a 5 1/2 x 12 front and if you need double pigtail rears Speedway motors sells 7 x 14 rear double pigtails. Stock fronts are around 15 or 16" tall and I think the stock rear is around 15" tall. I think you drop down to a 9" front and 11" rear if you run adjustors, but someone else would have to verify that.

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posted September 08, 2005 03:32 PM  
rearend i believe has buckets welded in it...when i am under the car and look up in where the spring goes into the spring seat...i can see a round bowl like piece of metal welded in...

i just bought this car and am new to pro stocks and metrics

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posted September 08, 2005 06:10 PM  
It all depends on how you need ride height too - if you are running short tires and cutting out the wheel wells then you can run the shorter springs. If you have to run 75 series tires and non-flared wheel wells you need the height of the taller springs. I personally don't think 14" rears are too much - but then again I'm running tall tires. Besides - the car's ride height is fine with 15" factory ones - depending on how you have preload and rate I could make a car sit lower with 14" rears then stiffer 13".

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