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Author Topic:   Dirt tracks in North Carolina
Eric Pattridge
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posted August 30, 2005 02:38 PM  
I will be relocating from Texas to North carolina. Possibly the Raleigh area. I was wondering where any dirt tracks are within about an hour drive. I have tried a search on here and did not come up with anything. Are there any web sites with tracks and locations? Thanks.

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posted August 30, 2005 05:19 PM  
Antioach Speedway just north of Hickory is where I plan on running next year.

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posted September 26, 2005 10:24 PM  
There is two tracks that are close to Raleigh, Kings and Clarys speedway. Kings is in Kittrell roughly 35 miles north of Raleigh. Clarys is about 50 miles or so in Halifax co. in a small community called Brinkleyville. Kings was not open this year but im hearing they will be open next year. BTW Wake co. speedway is in south Raleigh but it is asphalt and not my favorite form of racing. Hope this helps.


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posted October 15, 2005 12:14 PM  
I am back home in NY now but I live in Raleigh a year and a half ago.
I went to the dirt track, King's Raceway in Kittrell (Henderson) and to the dirt track in Fayetteville. Both were nice tracks. I like Fayetteville better since it is bigger than King's. I only went to each of them once, though. The remainder of my time was spent at Wake County (paved) since it was closer to home and their races started about 30 minutes after I got out of work. Compromise
ERIC, I was told that Fayetteville closed during that season ('03) but I don't know for sure. It's a shame that King's closed, since it was a cool little track. Small fields of cars but cool nonetheless.

Everyone always says N.C. is the best place for racing, but for DIRT racing, I didn't see it. Personally, I thought the dirt scene sucked, but Raleigh is not the best area for dirt. They have a few paved tracks (wake county, orange county, + ) but the car counts at Wake were low too. ( 9 pro late models for a $3000.00 race?) I was disappointed to say the least, in Raleigh's racing scene altogether.
If I were you, I'd plan on travelling to the dirt tracks, but they're quite aways from Raleigh.
JAY116, is racing at a quality track! When I was stationed at Langley AFB, in VA, I would go to Dixieland (dirt) every week, rather than go 3 miles to Langley Speedway (paved).
I loved Dixieland Speedway (especially the # 7 late model and the red # 02 pure stock/street stock, cars) but it is quite a haul from Raleigh. Dixieland is JUST over the NC border from VA. It's a long haul from Raleigh, but it sure is a quality track.

JAY116, is Rob Gross still racing there?? I think his car was # 1 , white car, one class below the headlining class. I would go in the pits and hang with him, when I went there.

You gotta love the water truck!! A school bus with a big *** water tank in the back. That track is great!

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posted October 15, 2005 02:12 PM  
August 13th?? Holy cow! NC has the longest summers, I wonder why they end their (Dixieland's) season so early.

I love my home tracks, here in NY, but I'll never forget D-Land. Great Speedway.

Must be Rob is all done racing. He was a real nice guy.

Does that Opal still run in the 4 cyl class?

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posted October 18, 2005 06:55 PM  
Dang that is an early season! Up here at Hagerstown Speedway in Western Maryland the last race is October 30 and 31st! A big two day blowout! All classes.

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