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Author Topic:   SBC heads questions
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posted August 20, 2005 03:19 PM  
Their are a bunch of head options out there and I'm not sure where to put my money for next year. It looks like a new set of heads would be the way to go over used stuff I'm not sure about. My engine combo for next year will be a pretty mild 355 - I run enduros and turn a lot of laps so I don't want to spin the engine really hard for 3 hours straight - would like to keep the rpms under 6000. In the future the same heads may go onto a little bit nicer 383 or 406, but finances don't allow that shortblock yet. I'm required to run a cast iron intake and cast iron exhaust. Here's the questions:

1)Anyone ever run World Products S/R Torquers? They seem pretty reasonable in price ($700~$800 through Summit). How do they compare to Dart Iron Eagles? ($1000~$1100 through Summit). I'd like to keep to a straight plug head and something that at first glance looks original. I wonder if Iron Eagles are overkill for the air I can get in and out of the engine?

2)A lot of people talk about Vortec heads - Summit has ones with bigger springs for $650 a set. I'm a little turned off due to needing a special intake and special valve covers. Also people would know what they are just from the valve covers. The kit to perimeter mount valve covers is an extra $90 and I think I might get grief (someone thinks I'm raising them to get rollers under them).

3) Summit is selling an all new head that is supposedly a copy of the old double humps, but flows better for $650 a set. These would look original and mount up normally, but I wonder if they flow lousy compared to a Torquer or Iron Eagle or Vortec?

Basically I'm trying to get as much info as possible before I give someone my money. I know lots of people out there sell heads and once I decide on what I want I'll research pricing - I was using Summit simply as a baseline for pricing. What do you think?

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posted August 21, 2005 10:35 AM  
go to there's a lot of information there

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posted August 22, 2005 10:20 PM  
Personally, I'd go with the World SR Torquers or Iron Eagles if rules allow. They're very close to the Vortecs in flow and chamber shapes. But, they're a much heavier casting and won't crack immediately if overheated. I haven't used Iron Eagles, but I've used the Worlds in the past. They're out of the box valve job is pretty bad. They need a good 70 degree cut to open the bowls and the 45 cut has some runout. A good shop should be able to touch up the VJ for $150-$200. The Darts may be better out of the box, not sure.

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