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Author Topic:   Starting New Motor!
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posted May 13, 2005 01:36 PM  
Hey, I just got my first ever new motor back from the engine builder. Now I am far from a mechanic but am good at learning hands on. Right now Ive got the motor sitting FDC. Where do I go from here as far as setting in the distibutor, running plug wires correctly, tircks/tips and lastly what weight of oil do you guys recommend?
Ive got a 355 SBC for a fullsize bomber car.

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posted May 13, 2005 02:40 PM  
Rotate motor to TDC, you know this by holding finger over plug hole whie cranking by hand you will feel the pressure, get it close by useing the balancer aqnd timming tab. Then get the dist. you want the rotor tip to point a the #1 cylinder when fully seated in the block. You will have to turn the rotor slightly in the oppsite direction when sitting it in the block. It mitght take a couple times to get it. If the dist wont sit flush with the block you might have to turn the oil pump shaft to aligh it with the dist drive. (BE CAREFUL NOT TO DROP THE SOCKET INTO THE MOTOR!!!) To verify you are close turn the key or power on to the dist connect a wire to the coil and the #1 spot on the dist insert a old plug and ground the cose to the motor and with the dist loose turn it back and forth 1/8-1/4 turn both directions if the power is good dist is good modile is good and it is lined up you will have spark at the plug. If you do start running the wires in the firing order from that point. If not recheck the rotor point and start over!

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posted May 13, 2005 05:01 PM  
Dont forget that before you drop in the distrabuter, you need to heavily lube the dist. gear. ARP's moly lube is great, white lithium engine assy. lube works well also. If the cam is new then ideally you should have a dist. gear to go with. (according to Comp Cams). I have gotten away with out replacing the gear on new engines for a long time before having problems....Your call.
When she fires, dont dilly dally around, get it up to 2500RPM. Once you get it there and you have decided that it is healthy (no death noises, and good oil pressure) then set your timing. About 32-34 total is a good starting spot. You will have guys telling you to set it any where from 30-45 degrees. Every engine is different, so experiment(at the track). Any way, keep it there for about 20 minutes.
When your time is up, shut her down, drop the oil, change the filter(stay with good quality racing type filters- no Wal-Mart Frams. NAPA racing, or any Wix are good to go with) and you should ready to go. (aside from some tuning).
Others will mention some other fine points, but this will get you going...Have fun.

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