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Author Topic:   Looking to get Started
Dirt Roller

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posted May 12, 2005 05:21 PM  
I'm a 18 year old female looking to get started in our new 4 cylinder front wheel drive class. I'm looking for anything cheap or if you know where I can find something cheap I would really appreciate the help. Interested in a low to mid 90's Ford Escort. Thanks.

Dirt Maniac

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posted May 12, 2005 05:31 PM  
Location would help

Dirt Roller

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posted May 13, 2005 02:00 PM  
Eastbay Raceway park is where I plan to race. It's in Gibsonton Florida.

Dirt Full Roller

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posted May 13, 2005 02:28 PM  
My advice would be to get a dodge neon. I won a championship with one last year. Lots of power SOHC OR DOHC. They are every where localy and on ebay. Cheap car and parts are esay to find. Another plus is most the parts interchange from 95-99

Dirt Freak

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posted May 13, 2005 03:26 PM  
yeah depending on rules if you are allowed dohc motors you might wanna try a neon an early 90s honda civic or acura integra or poss a saturn or saab 99. they all seem to be fairly quick up here, if you are stuck with a sohc or ohv try a vw rabbit or late 70s early 80s toyota corolla, both can go very fast cheap. Best thing to do from the start is head to the track and see what the other people are running in the class, get a set of rules and post them on here if you can, ask some of the other drivers for advice most people will help you out with any questions you may have. as far as finding a cheap car try local junkyards or abandon auto auctions up here in syracuse ny they have an abandon/impound car auction once a month usually around 50-100 cars and trucks and you can get decent cars for under $150 alot of em just need minor repairs that people were to broke to do or they could not afford the impound charges.try the local junkyards tell'em what your looking for and see if they'll give you a deal in exchange for putting thier name on the car. make sure you have someone knowledgable do the welding for you if you are not able to do it yourself, do not try to save money by ignoring saftey items, get a good suit,gloves,helmet,neckbrace,shoes, 5 point harness and racing seat, take it from someone who has been over a few times. second most important thing is to have fun regardless of how you finish, i was told when i first started that as long as you can drive it on the trailer then you have had a good your rules if you get a chance and we'll try to help you out.

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