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Author Topic:   strut/shock pro con
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posted January 16, 2005 08:34 PM  
I am looking at getting a 1984 camaro and I am unsure if it has struts or shocks an the owner is brain dead and cant tell me what it has. 1st can any one tell me what it has it is a z28 and 2nd is one better than the other for racing any help would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance for any advice.

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posted January 16, 2005 11:35 PM  
apparently it has the macpherson strut system from 1982 on as far as the struts compared to shocks I don't know what is better does anyone outthere know?

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posted January 17, 2005 10:52 PM  
I built one of these cars and raced it in 2000. The way I did it which wasn't legal but I got away with it, I drilled the stock struts, drained the oil, cut the strut tubes I cut about 2 to 2 1/2 inches off of the tubes (for clearance/travel) then put a generous amount of anti seize in them and welded them back up. after doing that, while the strut was out of the way. I drilled a hole up through the frame and welded a plate on the top side of the frame (shock mount). You see the lower A arms are the same as the metric cars which have been made to mount a shock to. So the shock bolts to the A arm and goes through the center of the spring and up through the frame and then you tighten the nut down on the top side of the shock and there you have it. (make sure you paint your shock flat black so it will go undetected) the all you have to do is put the strut back up through it's mounting hole on the top and tighten it down, This worked great, I won a few races and was always one of the fastest cars at our track. I dont reccoment running front adjustable spring spacers if you do this because they tend to rub the shock body some and it will rub a hole through it trust me I know. But on the lighter side of things I am building another car for next year (same kind 82-92 camaro/firebird) You see on the last car I cut out all of the fender wells and core support ect. what ever I could cut out I did. We then ran downbars through the firewall around the top of the strut towers, down to the frame and then put in a few more down tubes for support. The car worked great but I think with all of this inner structure gone It flexed too much even though the towers were braced together. This time when building my new car I am leaving as much factory structure as I can, running a couple of tubes through the fire wall and tying into the strut towers. I will run a tower brace but that will be about it. I am going to run a good quality "gas" strut this time and not lower the car at all. These cars are made to work right at their factory ride height. Your advantage to using one of these cars are the the shock (strut) is way farther out than the spring which controls the bound and rebound better than most metrics. Do you homework on the LCA's ,the panhard bar and the 5th or torque arm bar. Expeirament with the mounting point on the front of the torque arm bar. Try some different pinion angles. These cars are wickedly fast but what scares most is the struts, the last car I built ran three years and never bent or broke one of these struts! They are still mounted on the car. I had a friend whom didn't have his wheel clicked in when he drove my car one night, the wheel came off in his hand when exiting three, He had no time to do nothing but run her STRAIGHT into the wall. Now to all of you that think these cars are weak this car was pulled back from the wall loaded on the trailer took home straightened out and I came back the next weekend to win every race that night same struts same hornes ect sorry bout the book mates .[/IMG]

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posted January 18, 2005 06:05 AM  
the problem with the front suspension on a strut car is the camber curve isn't ideal for oval track racing. it's "do-able" though. i use a mustang chassis which has a similiar front suspension. the stock struts have worked fine for me.

the good thing about these cars is the rear suspension. it's better than other stock suspensions.

it's not a car you can beat and bang against a chevelle with, but in the right hands they can be very fast...

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