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Author Topic:   throttle body engines q`s
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posted January 07, 2005 10:58 AM  
my buddy has a 88 throttle body sbc 350 how hard are these to install for a racing engine ??? computer controlled ??and how to tune these ?? would this be a decent engine ?my rules will allow throttle body inj. but the cam rule is max 4.10 lift- I have heard that these have much larger lift than 4.10-thanks every 1

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posted January 07, 2005 02:17 PM  
They are computer controlled and most rules will not let you run the fuel injection the car must be carburated. Eddie

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posted January 07, 2005 10:11 PM  
He clearly stated in the first post that his track will allow TBI engines. Last time I checked the stock cam for a TBI motor was very close to 410 with stock rockers.

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posted January 09, 2005 02:39 PM  
TBI 350 engines only have about .400 lift from the factory, but....they have a very short duration for killer low end torgue, they really start runnin' out of steam about 4000 RPM. To use this engine with the TBI you will need to install an ECM with the wiring harness. Just get the one from the vehicle the engine came from, if not get one from a salvage yard (or you can buy new, but why spend that many $$$$$$). You said you have a .410 lift rule but didn't say anything about duration. Most tracks won't hardly check the lift, but none I've ever been to will check the duration 'cause you have to do much more tear down and have degree-ing tools to do that. Most cam companies have ".410 lift rule" cams that only have .410 lift, but more duration than the stock cams. Howards Cams has 6 ".410 lift rule" cams in my new catalog. or 920-233-5228. You would need a new "chip" for the ECM, as the stock one will pretty much take away any gain you would get from a better camshaft. You can get the chips from HyperTech and Jet, and some others. Also, you would have to run the higher pressure fuel pump for the TBI injection, it takes 9-13 pounds fuel pressure, mechanical pumps only provide about 7 pounds fuel pressure.


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