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Author Topic:   2005 U.M.P. Limited Stock Car
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posted November 20, 2004 04:28 AM  
U.M.P. is starting a class sanction that I would like to see take off and do well. The class is 9.0 to 1 compression 76 cc chamber on a 2 bbl. Chevy engine only, manual trans (all gears must work) 10.5" clutch. Heres the part I really like H 40 E mods with max 1/2" tread (half of whats on a new tire) that can be ground and can use a #4 grooving iron around 7 rings,weight jacks with one shock per wheel, and stock bodies from later model cars allowed in stock firewall location.

This would help in teaching set up rather than horsepower to newer racers with keeping a good cost control on the class.

The chassis would aready be set to move up a class by removing the firewall/floor pan, adding an aluminum body and abunch more horses.

Of course this is just an oppinion of mine and what it would take for some people to convert there cars over is a big issue.

As of now they are still working on the rules but I think this could definately be a positive thing that would allow guys and gals to race different tracks also. They have set up a $5,000 point fund as well.

Here's a link to the rules they have now.

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posted November 24, 2004 05:43 AM  
Everything sounds fine except the tire rule. Lets say this really takes off and does well. Everyone is going to be looking for tires and there gonna be harder to get. Next thing you know you'll be doing smokey burnouts in the street with brand new tires trying to get 1/2" tread depth.
It is a good idea just not sure it is going to work. JMHO

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posted November 25, 2004 05:44 AM  
In the St. Louis area most of the sportsman cars are allowed to run Emods now that would help with the availability. I do agree that it may become an issue though.

Thanks for the response.

I just thought it would be interesting to get some other oppinions.

Around here the class has horsepowered up to the point of redundant as far as being cost effective. One guy I raced with (that is no longer racing) told me he was pushing almost 12/1 compression and had to run the racing gas that was allowed. We were also racing for $100 to win and if I did that I would be racing for a possible $5-$10 profit if I won. If I won every race I could recoupe $180. That wouldn't even cover the cost of angle milling the heads. Flat top pistons were in the rules.

I am all in favor of rules that lead to the next class without huge changes to both the chassis and engine.

Any other oppinions?

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posted November 25, 2004 06:15 AM  
I've almost always got an opinion!
If dirt racing is going to survive, there has GOT to be some rules made (and enforced) to make the support classes more cost effective. Promoters all over the country are raping the entry level racer trying to squeeze out every nickle he can get, just to pay the purse for the feature division. At the tracks I run at, you will see an average of five divisions of cars each with about 20-25 cars in them. A good average would be 3 or four crew members per car, with a pit pass costing a $20 bill That puts roughly $2 grand in the promoters hand per class. Then he pays 3 of those classes lass than $150 to win, with a total purse of maybe $600----making about $1200-$1400 off the support classes (x4).
Now these promoters want to write rules that are exclusive to their tracks, so that a car that races at "Track A" can't get pizzed off and go race at "Track B"
We all want to go fast. Most of us would go faster if we could. We think,"If they would allow MSD ignitions, I could go faster!" So someone gets with the promoter and talks him into allowing MSD boxes. Then EVERYONE who thinks they need an MSD box to be competitive goes out and buys one. Didn't cost Mr. Promoter a dime-just Mr. Racer.
There are ways to make racing more affordable. It just hasn't gotten betwixt the ears of most track owners that, if they don't make some changes in that direction soon, many teams will be "spent out" of racing. Their car counts will drop, their fan count will drop, Their bottom line will not be sufficient to keep the race track open. Everyone looses.

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posted November 25, 2004 08:57 AM  
I would like to find about 8 half used h emod tires. We ran an H for most of the year and it still has the nipples on it. Not easy to find in the st. louis area as one might think. I like the class but they need to loosen up on rules like that. There are several Fords here where I race and without spending a bunch of money on a new car they will quit now that Brownstown has dropped the normal bomber rules that we have. Why only Chevy's? Why the half used H emods? Everything else looks pretty good for a low cost racecar.

Just my opinion

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posted November 26, 2004 01:14 PM  
On the 4m board it was said that you will be able to use any Emod not just the h. This was posted by jdearing who does the web sight for UMP. Also stated that a new rules list should be up soon on there site.

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posted November 28, 2004 03:57 PM  
At our track in the pure stocks we run any b-mod or super tires, must be burnt down half way and the track handles the tires. the mod and super guys give them there old tires and the track brands them and sells them to us for 20 bucks which goes into the point fund. they have atleast a hundred tires on hand at a time. The mod and super guys are glad to get rid of them and they are cheeper than we can buy used street tires.

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