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Author Topic:   1/2 mile set up to 3/8 mile set up???
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posted November 12, 2004 06:23 AM  
Where we run we are one of the top three running cars (mechanical failures kept us out of victory lane this year, 200 laps is tough). We got the better handling, some others have more power. We are pretty happy with the way we run. We run 200 lap events on a ½ mile dirt track. Here are some basics of our car:
RF- 225/70/15 (86”) – 1250# spring – 2” offset wheel
RR – 235/70/15 (88”) – 200# spring – 3.5 offset wheel
LF – 205/70/14 (80”) – 1000# spring – 3.5 offset wheel
LR – 225/70/15 (86”) – 225# spring – 3.5 offset wheel

The car is weighted 51% Front, 49% rear, 53% left, 47% right
Total weight with driver and 32 gallons of fuel is 3325#
1982 Monte Carlo
Since we run well on the half miler we’re confident that we have something to run well with and now we want to run a 200 lapper on a 3/8 mile track. The ½ miler has a larger radius turn where the 3/8 is a smaller radius with more banking in the turns. I’m looking for opinions as what stagger changes we can make to have the car handle well on the 3/8 track. You’ll see above that we run 6” of stagger on the front and 2” on the rear. We run a 3.73 gear and yes we would like to run a 4.11 but it ain’t gonna happen for this race. I’d appreciate and help or advice.


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posted November 12, 2004 03:50 PM  
i'd swap the two front springs around, loose some front stagger(about 4.5 inches) go heads up on stagger in the rear, run 2" back spacing on the right and 4" on the left, put 52% on the rear left side looks good (dont know what your cross is) but id run about 53%, and like 17j said shorter tires for gearing. with about 160lbs. of bite in the rear it should fly.

this is how my malibu is set up works for me on a 3/8 mile dirt with medium banking.

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