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Author Topic:   Troublesome 2 Barrel
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posted August 03, 2004 08:01 AM  
This is a long shot, but I thought I'd give it a shot.

My demolition derby car has a '79 Buick 307 with a 2 bbl carb that appears to be fairly new. Problem is the car won't run. If I pour gasoline in the top, she will run for 15 seconds or so and than die. I removed the filter and it was falling apart. I suspect that it committed suicide and now I 8.3 million little peices of filter in the accelerator pump because the jets just don't seem to be squirting enough. Does it sound like I'm on the right track?

How hard is it to swap out the accelerator pump on a GM 2 bbl? One more question, does anyone have experience with running one of those goofy 2 to 4 barrel adapters? I have a good quadrajet and I wonder how that lil' 307 will run with the q-jet and adaptor.

BTW, the fuel pump is fine, so I know thats not the trouble.

Thanks guys............

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posted August 03, 2004 08:23 PM  
I don't know about the adapter, but I picked up a rebuild kit on the internet for $20.00. It came with a new a-pump and gaskets, and it wasn't too difficult to do, just make sure you use the right gaskets. It sounds like your lines from the pump and throughout the carb have filter **** in it. New gaskets and pump and clean it out REAL good.

On a sidenote, for a demo car, it wouldn't be to bad. I got a 2bbl on my car that's stock because that's what we gotta run at the old track. Now I'm going to work with KP off here to get a different carb to run, because this track is 4bbls.

Good luck

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posted August 05, 2004 11:03 AM  
I dont know anything about the adapters but, just go to your local parts dealer and get a carb rebuild kit. They will ask you for the number off the side of the carb and the kit will give you everything you need (gaskets eveything).

And as a side note if that 307 runs anything like the one my mom had get rid of it. She was driving down the highway and blew a hole about the size of a golf ball in the top of the piston.

And the one we replaced it with wasnt much better.

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