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Author Topic:   Purestock Spring setup sugestion ?
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posted July 05, 2004 12:21 AM  
I have a 81 monte. I race a 3/8 mile clay oval 17 deg. banking in the corners 6 deg. in the straight.would like to set up with springs and tires. Has to remain stock.You know looking!!!Heard something about V6 and V8 springs just starting out!!Would like a little better handle and stay inside the rules.We run IMCA takeoffs.Run a little stagger with tires.Any suggestions!!!

Dirt Freak

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posted July 05, 2004 07:07 AM  
Get some racing springs stock apairing. The front will be 800 to 1200 and the rear will be around 150 to 275. Really depends on the car weight. Weight differents on front springs should be about 75# to 150# and rear even to 100#.
Also buy racing shock, well worth the money.

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posted July 05, 2004 08:57 AM  
with nsome doctoring racing springs can not be detected i have the speedway tru coil springs up front they came as 12 in and rates were 1150 and 925 i cut them down to 11 in rf and 10 1/2 on the left so the rates will increase so now probably in the 1200/1000 range on the rear that mostly driver feal but go with the 11 in pig tails you can get from just about any spring manufacturer i run 200lr 175rr now realy like the way the car rolls over last year i ran 250/200 it also worked good but i wanted nore body roll. the key is to sand blast the springs and let them set outside and get a little rusty then paint them and roll them around in some dirt/sand/old rust off the car then repaint them black and make sure if the rate is stamped on the spring that you grind that off. when you figure in all your time and work to find the right car in the junk yard and fighting to get them off it's well worth the money that and the fact that you can't get anywhere close to what you need out of a junk yard it's a no brainer i'm gonna have to ditto big city there two a pair of bilstein shocks is well worth the money and they are stock they have a gm part # they came on the 87 monte ss

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