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Author Topic:   spring question
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posted June 27, 2004 11:49 AM  
I would like to stiffen the rear suspension of my car legally. It rolls over on the right rear too much in the corners. My rules state that the rear coils must have pigtails on both ends. I've been trying to look up springs and have only found a 225 lb and 175 lb spring that would fit the rules. I've emailed a few companies, but they don't carry any others. Does anyone know where I can find a larger selection? Also, I wanted to get my stock spring rates tested but my local racer store can only check racing springs. Does anybody have any idea what stock rear spring rates would be on a 72 Torino? I run a high bank 3/8's tacky track and have to weigh 3600 lbs. Thanks for any help.

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posted June 27, 2004 04:31 PM  
hey check this place out They seem to have everything I needed and they were cheaper than anyone else on springs. I don't have their phone #, but it's on the page. Call by 2 gets shipped the same day.

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