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Author Topic:   pushing bad
Dirt Newbie

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posted June 17, 2004 08:01 PM  
i have a 82 monte carlo and it is pushing real bad about half-way through the starts out running descent then it goes bad. any suggestions?

Dirt Freak

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posted June 17, 2004 08:10 PM  
sounds like a tire problem.
Sounds like your air pressures air not building equally.
In other words one tire is getting hoter and you are developing the push.
Try going down on the RF so when it gets hot it wont be to much pressure.
And try going up on the RR.
Jason Boivin

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Dirt Forum Champ
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posted June 18, 2004 06:06 PM  
might want to take some cross out too with the air building your probably gaining more cross then you need

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