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Author Topic:   How do I check the oil????
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posted March 29, 2004 09:51 PM  
I just put a high volume oil pan on my power plant. I think it is a 7 or 8 qt.

What do you guys for checking oil?

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posted March 29, 2004 10:02 PM  
I use a dip stick, lol. put in your appropriate amount of oil for your engine, not necessarily the capacity of the pan. find any dipstick thats 6 inches or so longer than stock and fits snugly to the ckeck tube. after running the engine, clean-measure-and notch the new stick at the full mark and clip the end off leaving 1 inch below notch.(if the stick bottoms out before its all the way in then you'll have to clip before measuring or your marks may be wrong) bob

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posted April 13, 2004 11:26 AM  
Figure on the pan being 7 or 8 quarts and a ph13 sized filter holding at least a quart and viola, I always change my oil after every race so I figure 8 quarts in 8 quarts out, I dont use a dipstick I seal it off you car also mount an ispection hole in the top of the pan extension. Eddie

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