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Author Topic:   Spring Split (Front)
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posted January 30, 2004 01:25 PM  
Last year we ran 1100# RF and a mystery spring in the LF (I think it was about 800# or slightly higher). It was an old truck spring cut down, and with an equation I found it seemed to come out to around 825#.

Anyway, I think I want a hair more push on exit. My idea was to get a 1200# for the RF and move the 1100# to the LF. OR, keep the RF @ 1100# and get a 1000# for the LF. Either way, get the split much closer -- it seems that a lot more strength on the RF would also make the LR try to do too much work and the RR do less (and therefore break loose easier).

My old man actually suggested putting a 1200# in the RF and leaving the mystery spring in the LF. His thinking is that it'd be too pushy with just a 100# split in front.

We ran a 1/4ths high-banked and a 3/8ths semi-banked, dirt, w/a metric Monte, weighed about 3100 lbs. Ran on street tires (245/60/15 right, 235/60/15 left). The rear springs might be little soft compared to most (about 220 LR, 185 RR).

I'd also mention cross-weight and front to rear weight but don't know 'em. That's another thing on the "want to do" list.

My thinking was to get the front springs closer in rate to induce a little push off.

Entry and the middle seemed OK -- but coming out was the problem. We were underpowered and undergeared compared to most anyway, so the arrse-swinging didn't help at all.

Any thoughts on what you like to run as per split in the front end? Thanks much.

Dirt Maniac

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posted January 30, 2004 04:34 PM  
Sounds like you are on the right path, I don't like to run more than 200# split on anything I set up or build. Most often when I have had to run higher split #s in order to correct something I found other issues creating the reason, ie. bent frame, out of square rear end, even bad air pressures, etc. Have also had good experiances with putting like a 1200 on the left front and 1100 on the right front. Yeah I know, backwards but so is the rear ones. Seems to help come out of the corner better and more forward bite on acceleration. Good luck.

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posted January 30, 2004 06:54 PM  
Changing the lf spring will not effect corner exit AT ALL. NONE. increasing the lf will tighten the car up on entry. but no change on exit. Changing the lr spring will make it push more on exit. just increase it. the lr only effects exit so that will not throw your car off for the rest of the corner, just the exit. a softer rf should loosen the car up on exit because it will load the rr more on exit. also tighten entry.

rico 08
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posted January 31, 2004 07:41 AM  
Yep,just like zero said,front springs going in,rear coming off.

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posted January 31, 2004 10:06 AM  
i agree with zero also. if you have lead in the car on the right side you can move it to the left. that might do the same thing as increasing left rear spring.

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posted February 02, 2004 07:03 AM  
Thanks much for the replies; I appreciate the info. Makes sense ....

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