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Author Topic:   Quad 4 for pure stock?
Big B
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posted January 25, 2004 03:09 AM  
I was wondering if there is anything inherently bad about a 91 model quad 4 engine that would make it a poor choice for 4cyl pure stock. It has a blown head gasket which I believe is kinda common. I hope to replace it & have head resurfaced.
Very few cars I have to choose from in my area. This Q4 Grand Am is nice, cheap, and available.

Dirt Freak

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posted January 25, 2004 06:01 AM  
like you said the head gasket thing is very common GM recalled the head on a bunch of them the casting wasnt very good but other than that they seem to be ok....not much fun to work on though......haha....good luck....towman

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posted January 25, 2004 08:55 AM  
replacing the head gasket on one of those engines is a major pain in the behind! Look around for something else, unless you are determined to get this thing fixed. I had one as a street car about 8 years ago, and the head gasket went. I paid someone $500 to replace it, and the gasket set was $150.

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posted January 25, 2004 10:07 AM  

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posted January 25, 2004 10:16 AM  
M1 &jrb are correct but don't shave more than 030 off the head it will be big problems. I do about 5 a month in my grage at home they finance my race program lol but you want a twin cam engine more hp get a hanes book easy to follow instructions good luck.


Big B
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posted January 25, 2004 03:46 PM  
Thanks for the replies. I know the head R&R & water pump is a PITA job but I can do work myself. I have not bought it yet but the car is nice and its CHEAP!
I guess I got to liking this car (91 Grand Am, 2dr) compared to the other choices I have seen with other 4cyl engines with the belief the Q4 would hold its own pretty well against other stock 10 year old technology 4 cyl engines.
Kinda want to stay with a GM or Ford and not a ricer for parts availability and cost.
Anybody suggest a decent car to get for starting out - must be 4cyl only for the pure stock class we want to run.
Appreciate any/all input.

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posted January 25, 2004 05:10 PM  
Just a thought, maybe an older Gran Am with the 2.5l iron duke

Big B
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posted January 26, 2004 06:26 AM  
Many of the GM 4cyl I have looked at have the iron Duke motor. I know it has a pretty good reputation for durablity but I dont know how competitive it might be.
Probaly more fun overall to have a slower car that runs instead of a faster car thats always broken? LOL
Anybody know how well the Iron Duke motors do as far as competition against the later model OHC engine cars? I would guess its old technology/design (by todays standards)doesn't fare well against some of the high reving import stuff?
More input - soaking it all up.
Thanks all

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posted January 26, 2004 12:39 PM  
The 2.5 has potential with the big bore (4" I believe) but the stock rods are **** iron or 'cast steel' and like to break when you try to rev them up to take advatange of it. Aftermarket parts are everywhere, so it's not all bad. Just depends on if you want to bolt it in and go (Quad 4) or work at making it run (2.5)

Does it have to be a FWD? What about a Muskrat? They're probably heavier, but the later 2.3 OHC wasn't a bad motor. If you got one with the dual spark plug head and stuffed a cam in, it should be able to compete at least have decently. And the Ford 2.3 is reliable as **** . The stock bottom end can take like 350+hp and revs up in the 7000+ range (with ARP bolts in the rods and mains).

Good luck!!

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Dirt Maniac

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posted January 26, 2004 01:11 PM  
In these parts the Neons seem to be the fast 4 bangers. They shave the head put in the cheater air temp sensor crank the rev limit up to 7000 and find the air pressure that works for them. Some of them are impressive!!

Dirt Roller

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posted February 06, 2004 11:05 PM  
They're called hornets where I run(4 cyl stock). The ford probes are runnin away from everything else. The track changed the rules and made them heavier but they still are top dogs.


Dirt Maniac

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posted February 07, 2004 10:01 AM  
Around here they are called Front wheel drive cars. Nothing but "American" made cars in this class though. The 2.5 is always up front and can be modified with the right computer chip. The Escort GT came stock with a performance chip and headers and all that. We also have a Jr. FWD class for the kiddies 13, 14, 15 yrs old. They are more competitive than the "Grown-ups"

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posted February 25, 2004 08:35 AM  
Quad fours are the hot ticket at my track. If the track allows Fiero's, that would be a great ont as well. There was a Fiero a few years ago that could have run with the street stocks, but it had lead ballast in the front. When the officials saw the lead, they made him take it out and the car never turned left again.

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