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Author Topic:   restrictor plate whats next?
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posted January 19, 2004 07:36 PM  
need any tips on restrictor plate racing, our track is going 2bbl and plates for pure stock and cruisers this year,no holleys. also does anyone know if a500 cfm rochester will flow enough alcohol to keep a 12 to1 500 ci caddy from melting pistons? thanks gus77

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posted January 19, 2004 08:39 PM  
what kind of plate, if you just have to have a plate then get a thick coned shape one. also go with gas there is no point on running alky except to keep cool.
most lates are on gas, alot of mods are on gas now or switching to gas.
i have seen motors dynoed and only lost 5 hp with gas.
run with gas you will have less problems.

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posted January 25, 2004 05:00 AM  
Are u just talking about a 4 barrel intake with a 2 barrel adapter plate?????

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