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Author Topic:   What kind of car...
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posted January 02, 2004 02:31 PM  
Looking to do a 'run what you brung' enduro race this summer. What car would be the best to purchase for this sort of thing (short dirt track). 105" min wheelbase seems to be the only limitation. What should I be looking at purchase time considering these factors this is a min. cost deal so I won't be pumping a bunch of $ into it after purchase either)

-limited slip
-2wd vs 4wd
-stick vs. auto

the only mods allowed are those required -move fuel tank to trunk, no glass, can use roll cage, can rig up additional radiator.

Thanks for all the input/help. Any additional comments suggestions welcome.


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posted January 02, 2004 06:33 PM  
find yourself a "70s Monte. They are #1 choice of enduro racers. Put in a good motor (you can always take it back out) hook up a trans cooler----have someone weld the spider gears and clean off a spot for yur trophy

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posted January 02, 2004 10:04 PM  
[fellas, we had a 6 cyl fwd olds wagon got 2nd place last year at our track and didn't
loose by much either. course nobody tapped
either of his front axles either. they all ignored him as insignificant and he almost won

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posted January 03, 2004 12:33 PM  
Can you run front wheel drive? Or is is strictly rear? If you can go front wheel I would do that only because the front wheel drive cars with the v6's like a beretta or corsica (4.3, or 3.3) always seem to smoke any rear wheel drive in the local enduros. If you have to run a rear wheel then I would go with a camaro hands down. They are by far the fastest STOCK rear wheel drive car for racing.

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posted January 03, 2004 04:41 PM  
Got a 79 cad,425 engine,3 nights on bearings and timing chain,4 point cage with door bars. racing belts, runs cool,has good street tires on it,$400.00. 918 688 1519.If not, I would try a 73-77 g.m. monte, cutlass, or regal with a chevy 350 or 383.

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posted January 06, 2004 12:38 PM  
Thanks for the offer, Tulsa to ND is a bit too far of a drive for me though....

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