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Author Topic:   camaro front bumper
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posted December 16, 2003 06:11 PM  
Were there years that the Camaro used an aluminum front bumper? I'd like to have one. I used a 2" square tubing bumper last year, but I didn't care for it. I never figured a good way to brace it so that it didn't bend-or bend the bars that hold it. It's just too far in front of the frame. Anyone got any Ideas? Don't advise looking at some around the track-I have one of two that race here, and the other one is a POJ!

neil rucker
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posted December 16, 2003 06:32 PM  
jojo, whats up? 74 thru 77 camaros had the bumper your looking for. I have got em at a s**** metal yard for 5 bucks. (tru story) now, with street car people going bananas about camaro stuff, you might have to pay 100 bucks or more! there are others that work really well. alot of early to mid 80s BMW have a very nice alum. bumper on both the front and rear. they are straight like a rear bumper on a camaro wheras the camaro comes to a point in the middle. they turn in on the ends just like a camaro. you cant use a ready made lower spoiler for a camaro on em, but you can make one out of roll plastic. the pull-a-part salvage yards around here are full of em, and they cost about 20 bucks. they are lighter than the camaros, and super strong.

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posted December 16, 2003 06:33 PM  
Ford fairmonts have a bumper similar to the camaros and are a couple pounds lighter as well.

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The stock isolators on a camaro front and rear with alum bumpers are a bunch of 3/16 plates, like a leaf spring.They make a oem bumper with the guts weigh over 90 lbs if memory serves me correctly, good idea if you need front end wt...

I use bolt on 2x1 square tubing, and it works great, I want it to give rather than reclip my car. My front and rear bumpers bolt on, so I carry a spare of each.

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