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Author Topic:   rear shock mounting location
neil rucker
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posted November 27, 2003 08:05 PM  
working on a pure stock camaro. shocks must be "stock" mount type, in stock location. the leaf spring camaros had the L/F mounted behind the rear, and the R/F in front. ive seen a bunch of people do this on everything from mini stocks to super late models, but why? what effect does it have? how does it help? thanks as always, neil

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posted November 28, 2003 05:04 PM  
Neil, ya dog! What have ya got yerself into now? You're right, Right side goes in front of the axle housing. This is what I did:
Originally I was using the stock 10 bolt with the spyder gears welded, but I had wanted to use shocks with the eye on the lower end, so I used the factory lower spring pads off a Nova. The Camaro stock mount shocks just have the pin on the lower.
Then, when I put the 9" under it I had to buy a set of spring pads and perches. Afco makes them with both shocks mounted to the rear. I got out the welder and moved the right side to the front of the axle housing so that the top mount would line up. I'll bet there's an easier way to do it, but I didn't know what that was. If I can help ya, gimme a yell.

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posted November 28, 2003 10:00 PM  
I havent found a answer to that question I like yet.

I have raced a camaro for years on pavement and put both my shocks behind.

gm put one in front in 68 because the 67 had so much wheel hop on acceleration.

the one in front would be under compression while on the gas.

the one behind would be in rebound while on the gas.

my theory on my pavement cars was I put both in back and was smooth on the gas, I figured it was better that way because I usually ran soft comp, stiffer reb.

either way the shocks are doing something on acceleration, and deceleration in my mind it shouldnt really matter, but dirt guys say leafs wear out, so do they lose rate from wrap up or compression, that could be the deciding factor on front or rear.

I am caging my first dirt car now its a nova, the front springs are 3.75 narrower in the front, where a camaro is straight, im leaving it. the shocks are also left behind right in front. I asked a mod guy on here why he suggested r behind left in front and his answer could have been flipped around and meant the same thing so I still dont know.

I might just put mounts in front on both sides and in back on both sides and see what the difference is...

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posted November 29, 2003 08:23 AM  
FWIW Jeff, make sure your rear shock mounts unbolt, if you're going to move them around. IMCA doesnt allow multiple mounts.

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