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Author Topic:   What gear should i run?
Dirt Forum Racer

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posted August 17, 2003 09:28 PM  
I am running 350 turbo in second gear with 3.08 and i am turning 5200-5500 and i want to turn 6000 or a little more. I have a set of 5.38 that could put in it and run it in drive. The way i have it figured i am running a 4.62 and going to drive with the other gears it should be 5.38. I used the gear selector on this website but want someone else to give me there opinion.

Dirt Freak

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posted August 17, 2003 09:38 PM  
I agree with 17j run 1-1 and gear your final drive to what the calculator says.1-1 goes thruogh th trans and 1st or 2nd runs through the planetary gear which has to rob some power.

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