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Author Topic:   enduros in the midwest (where)
Dirt Maniac

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posted August 12, 2003 04:19 PM  
Can anyone tell me where there are any enduro or 100-200 laps races for pure stocks in the WI,IA,MN,IL. And if so a possible link to the track for car rules.

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posted August 12, 2003 06:49 PM

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posted August 13, 2003 08:29 AM  
contact mike at zeb's salvage he runs all the high $ payout enduro's like the 10grand to win in kalamzo mi.and has lots of parts in marion wi 715 754 5884

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posted August 14, 2003 05:21 PM  
Iowa State Fair Speedway
Sept. 5th,2003

Here's what an enduro is all about: Up to 150 cars will all begin at the same time and the first car to complete 200 laps or 2 hours has expired will be the winner. Of course pit stops are allowed but they will be made under green flag racing, meaning you will lose your position if you pit. There will be no mandatory pit stops, this is an all out green flag race. Each driver will supply one scorer to help score this event. He or she must pay admission to the grandstand. We will use the "Flop Clock". The scorers will be instructed at a special meeting at 7:00 race day in the grandstand in front of the press box in Section E. Special note...The entry fee includes the pit insurance fee for the driver. The purse is a part of this entry fee. Also included in the fee is the admission for one pit crew member. No one under 16 will be allowed in the infield.


1.The first car to complete 200 laps or two hours is the winner.

2.Each driver will draw for his/her stating position.

3.The race will be started with three cars abreast with a maximum of 150 cars starting.

4.Cars will hold their position until the green flag is displayed.

5.The yellow flag will not be used. If there are cars with breakdowns or cars in accidents the other cars will avoid them while continuing the race.

6.The red flag will be displayed only if the track is blocked and racing cannot continue. All cars must stop. The race will be restarted with the cars in the same position as before the red flag. Any car involved in the blockage that can continue, may do so.

7.Cars will be allowed to enter the pits for repair or servicing, re-entry to the racing surface will be allowed as the official indicates. During red flag periods, the track entrance and exit will be blocked. A 5 lap penalty will be assessed for working on the car during a red flag situation.

8.The flag man will indicate the middle of the race. The white flag will indicate the leader is on the last lap.

9.Each entry must have a scorer. A special area will be reserved for the scorers where they can follow the instruction of the head scorer.

10.Driver changes are not allowed unless approved by the Director of Competition.

11.Pit stops in the pit area must be done orderly and in a safe fashion.

12.A mandatory meeting for all drivers will be held in the infield at the trophy stand. Scorers will meet in front of the press box in the grandstand


1. Any American made 1948 or newer standard sedan or front wheel drive approved by track officials is eligible with wheel base of not less than 110 inches. No Pintos, T-tops, convertibles, station wagon, jeeps, trucks or ambulances.

2. Four door hardtop models (no door post) must have roll bar and driver side door bars.

3. Cars must be strictly stock. Hood must be strictly stock. Hood must be kept in place at all times. Body sheet metal must be kept in place at all times. No holes in hood.

4. Cars with door posts are strongly recommended.

5. Trimming of wheel wells to the circumference of tire is allowed, but official's discretion may assess lap penalty for extreme cutting. Inner wheel well must be left in place.

6. Any sharp protruding objects on cars or in driver's compartment must be smashed down or removed.

7. The seam of the driver's door must be welded shut and/or double chained. If the driver's door comes open, the car will disqualified.

8. All other doors must be welded, chained or bolted shut.

9. A flush, securely mounted exterior driver's door protection plate is permitted.

10. All cars must be bilaterally symmetrical.

11. MUST HAVE four post roll bar in drivers compartment.


No Claim on car


1. Seat with seat belt and harness required. Please use regular racing belts only (shoulder and lap). Racing seats are OK. Seat must be mounted in straight ahead position.

2. Driver's door interior upholstery must remain in place or be suitable replaced.


1. Car must have complete stock bumper, do not cut off bumper ends or corners.

2. Each bumper must have two safety chains or straps to prevent the bumper from falling off the car.

3. No extra bracing anywhere of any kind.

4. Trailer hitches must be removed.


1. The engine must be strictly stock for that model and make, and in its original mounts. A loose fitting frame - to engine chain or cable is permitted.

2. No aluminum intakes or heads.

3. No solid lifters or solid lifter cams (no made-for-racing cams). Cam lift not to exceed 400 at valve.

4. No machining, grinding, etc. of any kind.

5. No aftermarket racing ports.

6. No dual point distributors.

7. Stock bore and stroke only.

8. Basically: Don't do anything to the motor.


1. Batteries must be strapped and securely covered. Batteries must be safely and securely mounted under the hood. For example: (a) In stock location platform may be reinforced slightly. (b) In location where heater fan was located, and on engine side of firewall.


1. Carburetors must be stock including choke, choke plate and choke hardware.

2. No dual-line pumpers.

3. One 2 bbl or one 4 bbl only.

4. No adapter plates or spacers.

5. OEM carbs only.


1. Stock automatic or manual transmission only. We will check winning cars. Rearends must be stock.

2. Stock, unaltered rear-end only.


1. Tires must be stock passenger tires truck tires, no recaps of any fancy, exotic, trick gumball tires of any kind. No 8 ply or 8 plus.

2. Maximum 7" wheels with 78, 75 or 78 series tires with maximum footprint of 7".

3. No shaving tires. Wheel wells must remain in place.

4. Front wheels may be reinforced to prevent their loss during racing. Plating washers or oversized nuts allowed. No mag wheels.

5. If after-market wheels are used, the maximum offset (as measured from the back of the wheel) shall be 4 inches.

6. Tires must be all 14" or 15".

7. No mud or snow tires allowed. All season tires are legal.

8. No pipes or protectors welded over tire valve stems.

9. Hub caps must be removed.


1. All glass (including headlights, tail lights, etc.) must be removed. Do not break glass out. Take it out before arriving at the racetrack.

2. No broken glass will be allowed in the car. Car must be swept clean.

3. Screen required in lieu of front windshield.


1. Four post roll bar is required in the driver's compartment.

2. Roll bar and door bar required.

3. The roll bar must be located directly behind the driver and reach as close as possible to the roof and the left side of the car. Install a bar behind the seat of the driver to keep the seat in place.

4. Driver compartment bracing must remain inside the driver's compartment. drivers door only.

5. Extra racing may be installed as a safety feature only and may not reinforce the body or frame or alter the geometry of the car.

6. Roll bar installation is subject to inspection which will be closely scrutinized.


1. All factory trunk and hood latches may be removed and replaced with straps, pins or #14 wire (no chains).

2. Trunks and hoods must be easily opened by fire-fighters and inspectors.

3. Stock and operable hood and trunk hinge mechanism required.

4. Padding under hood may be removed.


1. The rear sway bar (if so equipped) must be factory only.

2. No additional modifying of the suspension is allowable.

3. Suspension parts must remain absolutely stock for that make and model of the car. No space bar, lumber or chains, etc. may be used to alter stock suspension of that car. Car must sit level.

4. Suspension must work and look stock. No pinching of shocks to stop travel.

5. No spring jacks, blocked shocks or reverse shackles permitted.

6. Front wheel camber angle must remain within factory tolerance not to exceed one inch.

7. No steering stabilizer shock absorbers allowed.


1. The stock gas tank may be removed and replaced in the trunk or must be left in the original position. Fuel cells are legal. Twenty gallon limit.

2. The fuel line must exit from the top or side of the tank. No fuel lines in the driver's compartment.

3. A complete metal firewall must seal the trunk area from the driver's compartment. The trunk floor must be in place.


1. Car numbers will be assigned but you may request a certain number.

2. Your assigned number should be painted on both sides of the car in contrasting colors at least 18 inches high and 5 inches wide. It must be legible and fill the entire door space.

3. Advertising, nicknames, cartoons, etc. are allowed; but anything on the car in bad taste will mean disqualification. Remember, this is a family activity!


1. No high performance products.

2. Working third brake light optional.

3. Approved helmet required. Cotton long sleeved protection required, firesuits recommended. No nylon clothing or nylon shoes allowed.

4. Tanks, pumps, reservoir, coolers, or extra equipment may not be added to any part of the car.

5. No two-way radios.

6. Officials may assign lap penalties or disqualify cars with car specification violations.

7. A maximum of 10 penalty laps will be assessed. If more exist, the car may be disqualified.

8. The frequency, method, timing and type of car inspections and the number of cars to be inspected will be determined by arrangement. Management reserves the right to seal, mark or impound cars competing in their events for inspection purposes. Illegal items escaping detection during inspection does not make them legal.

9. Cars will be inspected before the event and will be impounded until race time. Additional inspections will be conducted after the event.

Iowa State Fair Enduro
Entry Form

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Dirt Full Roller

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posted August 17, 2003 04:13 PM  
Blackbird Bend Motorsports Speedway at Onowa, Iowa, will be having the final enduro of the season in early October. I looked on their webpage they don't have the date listed. For rules and contact info go to

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