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Author Topic:   nova leaf springs
Dirt Freak

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posted July 23, 2003 03:23 PM  
Need some help .I am switching from a metric car to a 79 Nova on the dirt.How does spring eye height on the rear affect the car ie putting the rr 1/2 inch higher than the LS.Also what would a good starting point be for rear leaf rates and arch.Track is a 1/3 or 3/8 depended on who you talk to , high banked clay oval.

Dirt Freak

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posted July 23, 2003 06:26 PM  
Depending on what you like and how heavy the car is Im gonna say 200 to 250s....175s work well but they wear out to fast on a heavier car....and if you raise ride hieght on the RR your also loading the RR I like running like a 250 on left rear and 200 on the right rear Hope this helps....Towman

redneck racing
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posted July 27, 2003 04:47 PM  
Towman do you use the longer shackles in the back or the stock ones? If using the longer shackles do you set the rr one notch lower than the lr. Is it advisable to run lowering blocks or not and what size? I read somewhere to use 3in on both sides and just wanted to know if that is better than two different sizes or none at all. Eddie

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