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Author Topic:   troubles strick doubletrouble on race night
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posted July 19, 2003 03:24 PM  
Finally got to race after 6 wks of rain-outs.The car has been sitting for some time and when we went to load it up had a hard time getting the car to reverse.I thought since the car sat so long figured the tranny pump needed to be primed up or something.Check the fluid it it was fine,being there was only 3 races on this newly rebuilt tranny the fluid look as if it was right out of the bottle.In the first heat after about 3 laps it started slipping real bad and then jumping back in gear.Pulled it off the track and was unable to get it back to the pits without assistance from the push truck.Haven't yet pulled it off the trailer to look at it(too **** hot in middle of the day here)I did notice at the track that a fine mist of tranny fluid was spraying out around torque converter.What do you guys think I should look for? seal? pump? or do you think the tranny is shot? Its a TH350 on a Pontiac Grand Prix powered by a Olds 350.

rico 08
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posted July 19, 2003 05:50 PM  
Maybe the seal wasn't installed correctly,i just put one in a couple months ago and it is leaking too,i don't think the newer seals are nearly as good as the old stuff.

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