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Author Topic:   OK here is what i have done.
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posted July 03, 2003 12:13 PM  
I am running on a 3/8 high banked track with huge holes in turns 3 and 4 and smaller holes in 1 and 2. I have a 79 monte carlo and it is fast but i can't get it to stop bouncing once i hit the holes. The top three are running on the bottom but i don't have enough traction to run with them, early in the night i can run up high and i am fast, but by the feature the holes have moved from the middle to the top. My springs are 1000rf 900lf 250lr 250rr and afco street stock shocks i dont remember numbers but they are suppose to be for dry slick. Scale numbers are lf 1081 rf735 lr 841 rr811. I also still have sway bars on the front and back. Will more weight in the LR help me stick to the bottom of the track?

Ok I took the front sway bar off. Then i **t an extra water **mp **lley in the mount for the lr spring, that raised my ride height 1 inch, then i added 75 lbs to the Lr and the ride height came back down to where it was when i started. I am going to try to run on the bottom this week and see how i do.

I found some springs they are 1250 and 1000 lbs but they are 12" long and the springs in the car are 9 1/2 with spring spacers on top. I am afraid these other springs will raise the front too much.

Thanks for your in**t guys.....

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posted July 03, 2003 02:40 PM  
Well, to start with, you should have a split of 100lbs in the rear. like a 250 LR and 150 RR. But I would raise the left rear up to a 275 and RR to a 175. Your weights for the front seem wrong if the springs are where they are. Do you know the percentages on the left, rear and cross? I think you are doing the right things so I will stop there and see if you make progress over the weekend.

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posted July 03, 2003 03:03 PM  
for a stocker, keep the front sway bar
On the passenger side, keep a stock sway bar link, on the driver side, **t a piece of threaded rod through the holes and tighten down until the left side **lls down a few inches in your driveway. If the rear end is loose, tighten down, if the front **shes, loosen up. **t as many shims that will fit in the rear bolt on the upper control arms. Set the front toe out 3/8 inch, and throw away the rear sway bar. This is a simple, cheap, and reliable set up that is as tuneable as weight jacks. 5 cars at my track run it, and we are the only ones who handle when the conditions suck.

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posted July 03, 2003 03:51 PM  
Just out of curiosity ....

**nk rock

What the heck? It censors the letters p & u ....

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posted July 04, 2003 12:18 AM  
Deak--coundn't have **t it better myself!
What's da deal?

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posted July 04, 2003 08:49 PM  
Did i do the right thing putting the spacer on top of the LR spring and then adding more LR weight. That should give me more rear bite so i can run on the bottom and get traction coming off the corner. Atleast that is the way i look at it.

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posted July 05, 2003 08:30 AM  
CrazyT, I'll bet you are fixing to learn the meaning of the word, "PUSH." When you added the weight and the spacer to the left rear, you increased the crossweight. I think I would have added the weight on the left side and put the pulley under the right side. You really need to scale the car before you race it----be looking for some high crossweight percentages, the way it is now.
I set my car at 49%.

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posted July 05, 2003 11:47 AM  
If i get to the track and it pushes really bad what do i do take the weight out or take the spacer out of the spring? or both

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