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Author Topic:   Shifters?
Dirt Freak

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posted June 02, 2003 06:08 PM  
Does any one make there own 1 rod floor shifters? like the ones speedway motors makes? they seem pretty easy to make but i need a little advice any help would be great! thanks

redneck racing
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posted June 02, 2003 07:06 PM  
I run a rod bent up on the end to make a handle _| like this then use a metal brake line bracket to hold it in place works well for me. Eddie

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posted June 02, 2003 09:16 PM  
i used to do the same just took some all thread 3/8 and bent an l on the end for a handle but my uncle switched to a 3 speed in his mod and gave me his old glide shifter i like it alot better. realy all i guy needs is a piece of flat steel some bushings and a couple chunks of angle iron or aluminum. i see alot of the demo derby guys run stuff like that around here

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