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Author Topic:   FORD
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posted May 29, 2003 01:38 PM  
Ok, a kid has talked me into building a ford for a bomber, we have a 1984 Ford LTD, a 351 windsor and a C-4 tranny. All in stock form. I am looking for reliability information and such. I also need a 4 barrel intake for this, anyone know what I should be looking in to find one? The suspension appears a lot like GM full frame/Metrics, can the same springs be used in them? And last but not least, is there a rear sump oil pan made for the 351W? Thanks

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posted May 29, 2003 04:08 PM  
If your gonna run bomber and not going into the engine for head work or cam swap I wouldnt worrie about the 4brl right now spend your money on getting the car set up and on the track......without going to a 4brl head and more cam shaft your gain will be very little Just my opinion....Towman

rico 08
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posted May 29, 2003 04:37 PM  
The easiest place to find a stock style four barrel is a pickup type 351w,they use a holley type carb,other than that i think you will have to go to an older type intake.Keep in mind heads are the key to a fast ford,in stock form the heads won't flow.

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posted May 29, 2003 06:24 PM  
the 69-70 351w 4 bbl. intake is much better than the later ones. the 69-70 heads are much better too. there is a factory rear sump pan available. it's on all front steer ford passenger cars with 351w's like crown victorias.

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posted May 30, 2003 10:06 AM  
if you look in mid to late 70's 4x4's they would have a rear sump pan allso but it holds an extra qt. of oil.your local ford dealer should still be able to get them.see if you can find 69-70 heads they'll work good just run some kind of lead substitute ford has a bad problem with sinkin valves on the old heads with unleaded gas.been there done that.

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posted May 31, 2003 12:08 AM  
Thanks for the help, any ball park on the springs, Running 1/4 medium to high banks, track mostly tacky for the bomber feature.

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posted June 02, 2003 09:46 PM  

I run a 73 Torino also, hey man maybe we can help each other out on set up stuff. E-mail me sometime I could use some help.

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posted June 03, 2003 12:09 AM  
URDUSTED, I ran a ford at RFR last year, email me I can give you all the info you need for a legal, fast engine build, and I have some experience with the torino style front ends also.

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posted June 14, 2003 01:43 AM  
Is there any part on a ford that is interchangeable? ARGH, what a night mare. It is coming togeter though, what a learning expirence.

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posted June 14, 2003 09:12 AM  
hey i run a 74 trino and i have a 2brl carb on it,it was allready set up when i got it(and i might say who ever did it did it pretty good)it handles good and with it wasnt for my driving it would keep up with thoes chevy boys"and girls in our case".mine has an 3/4 ton chevy trk spring on the right front and i run 2p55 tires on everthing except the rt front were i run a p225 all of them are in 9th place in the points for the year and theres 27 cars and this is my first year to ever drive a race car.i dont know much but would be happy to share my very limited experince!

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posted June 14, 2003 11:28 PM  
thers alot that interchanges remember 302 and smaller will fit each other all 351w,heads will fit 302 thats it351,c,m will almost fit together.(serten parts will)watch the balence also they changed that also in the early 80's if you need iterchange info feel free to pm me and i'll help ya out.

nate 11
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posted June 15, 2003 01:34 AM  
hey urdusted if you need ford help get with wizzard,he's a good friend of mine and he knows fords. he bleeds ford blue lol.. i'm trying to convert him over to the chevy side. it's tough but i think i'll get there. all kinding a side if you need help he'll be glad to help.

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posted June 27, 2003 12:05 AM  
hey guys i have been around this racing stuff for over 20 yrs. most of it with fords i have some stuff for you hobby stock guys as in some decent parts i do have a 4 barrel intake like your talking i may even have the later trk one i know i have the 69 intake also i would be glad to share any info i can on helping you with your ford. I f you go there with a ford i like to see a good showing to many guys take a ford there half a$$ and make all us ford guys look bad LOL

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posted June 28, 2003 01:00 AM  
Well it is all together, and it is put together right. We talked the track into a holley 350 rule, The windsor seems to be running good. We have yet to put it on the track so I haven't messed with the suspension. We race tomorrow. Will let you know how the kid does. And more than likely will start asking the handling questions. Thanks for the help getting it this far.

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