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Author Topic:   Need Sugg.on building car
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posted April 15, 2003 08:57 PM  
I am planning on building a 79 Plymouth volare 4-dr road hogg.I mostly need help on how to set up suspension without putting out a lot of dough. 225 slant six ,AT,PS,71/4 chrysler rear end. Thanks.

Mopar Dan

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posted April 15, 2003 09:49 PM  
The Leaning Tower of Power! Wish I could help, a drag racing site might actually be more beneficial for this motor.

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posted April 16, 2003 09:35 AM  
Dwheel can you interchange the manufact of body and motor?

Run a ford in a chevy?

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posted April 16, 2003 05:41 PM

this is a mopar chat site. they can help you in the circle track section...


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posted April 19, 2003 07:59 AM  
Thanks to all who responded. I'm still going to build a mopar or no car. Special thanks to Jeff for the link where mopar is

Mopar Dan

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posted April 19, 2003 12:12 PM  
I saw this post,and had to relook at it a couple of times and ask why?

At first the thought of this combo made no sense,but with torch,welder,and a sound frame of mind......this could be a winning combo.

A lite car to begin with,making it lighter only means more speed. Some attention to tying the frame together with the addition of a good cage and sub frame connectors.

What's the difference between a Chevy and a Dodge when it comes to putting wedge into a car....the idea is the being available may be a question,but almost anything can be made.

The gearing and motor combo will require a bit of research,but the right gears and head work,this could be a screamin' ride.

Look at some of those older Steve Smith how to books and you will see that alot of Mopars are shown in those books.

With all the knowledge on this site,we should be able to come up with at least 50 lowbuck ideas for this guy or we shouldn't call ourselves racers.

What are the rules for your track,how big of a track,tire size and so on. Give us more info. What are the gear ratios in the automatic?

Maybe we forgot about those days way back when the local Saturday night racers were running 6 bangers and street tires. Maybe times have changed,but some of the basics are still basics.

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posted April 20, 2003 08:42 AM  
Something different.Cool keep with it.Sorry I cant help with the Mopar thing but just adding a little incouragement.GO FOR IT!

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posted April 20, 2003 10:17 AM  
Never Say Can't: You'll need to get the rules and let us know alittle bit more about what you are aloud to do.Motor limits,tire size limits,fuel cells etc... Let us know!

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posted April 20, 2003 04:09 PM  
Here are the rules for Road Hogg. River Valley Speedway.3/8 mile med banked clay oval. Must pull 17Lbs. vacuum at 1000 rpm checked with tech mans tach and vacuum gauge. Wheels and tires-- 60 series (8" max),7" width wheels,No racing tires allowed,1" lug nuts required. Body And Frame -- Stock from front to rear,2 Or 4 dr. (station Wagon OK),No gutting except to clear for rollcage,Must have minimum of 1/2 rollcage with 3 bars in the driver door,Seat must be connected to rollcage May use racing seat,Stock type front and rear bumpers must be bolted on. Wheel base 112" min. May install 1 loop bar for radiator protection, Glass and all flammables must be removed,Dash must stay intact. Engine-- Engines must remain stock.Must pull 17 lbs.vacuum at 800rpms after race. FUEL SYSTEM-- 350 cfm,2 barrel,No cutting choke tower Number must be on carb,Gas only.No electric fuel pump. Chevy 2 barrel carb. Ford ,buick,pontiac, chrysler,2 or 4 barrel carb. Trans And Rearend--AT only Stock with stock Torque converter,Rear end must be stock and match make and model of car,May lock rearend. SUSPENSION--- Stock only,must have 4 wheel brakes,5 point safety harness ,Helment required,eye protection required,Must have window net,Must have fire extinguisher,Must have at least 3 bars in windshield in front of driver. Hope this helps. Thanks.

Mopar Dan

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posted April 20, 2003 06:08 PM  
1. The car does meet the 112 inch wheelbase @112.7 inches. The first area of concern,does your track allow frameless cars like the Volare and do they have a set of sub frame rule that applies to this class. If not,the Camaro Bomber racers on thedirtforum should be able to give you ideas how to tie in a simple 4 post cage with door bars into a sub frame.
2.The wheel and tires rule are basic. Change to bigger studs and nuts(Day Motorsports or @ebay motors at circle track).Rims choices would be 3"off set for the left and 2" offset for the right. For tires,look at what the racers in the class are using. A certain brand of tire will come up more often,that being th racers choice.
3.Your basic cage will be your choice,but keeping safety in mind. Racing seat is a MUST! A window net with a quick release attached to the cage will be the way to go. 4. Weld up that rear end. Gears for the correct final drive will need to be selected yet.
5. Shocks and springs will need some work. Since this car came with a V8,I would bet you may want V8 springs on the right side,leaving the slant 6 springs on the left. A stiffer pick up truck spring may work in the right front,but will come with some more research from tape measure to see what works.
6. Your engine choice will need head work. Talk to your local engine shop to seee what you can get away with in the milling of the head and a freshing up of the head. Upgrades in the electrical system as in distributor will be needed. Look for a bigger radiator like a 3 or 4 core for cooling.

Here is another mopar which may help.

This class sounds very basic,so the most important thing to do besides safety,is keep the money cost basically down. Hopefully other will pop in some ideas about putting wedge into the car with lowering blocks and so on.

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posted April 20, 2003 09:18 PM  
Teamstertom,appreciate the info,will keep you updated about how it goes.

Mopar Dan

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posted May 20, 2003 06:05 PM  
if you would like a 318 i have one here w/less than 44k on it would sell it very cheap im in east run stong i just wanted a big block

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