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Author Topic:   Chassis wars vs group dynamics
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posted September 09, 2004 08:54 AM  
It might just be me but why do all these high dollar teams think they are just going to hire some hotshoe,(insert driver of the week here), throw him in brandX chassis(insert chasssis brand here) and success will follow. Dont they reallize that it takes years to develope driver, crew and team realtionships. Dont they know the amount of trust it takes for a driver to get in a car and trust that the car is correct and safe and belives he is fast. And nothing boosts confidance like SUCCESS...

I tell everyone that will listen to me, look at a mod team as a 4-5 year plan. not 4-5 days or weeks.

Hire some young kids with tallent, a kid who's proven himself and not just inhereted a ride, or has deep pockets, but has proven raw talent. The kid who week in and out is running a outdated, under funded car to the front consistantly, and who represents himself and team like a real racer.
Find 2 or 3 of these guys or GALS.. make a true team approach. This will speed the learning curve up for the chassis and team and most importantly keep continuity in the team IF someone leaves. It keeps a team from ever beeing a "new" team. Replacing 2-3 people out of 12, once in a while is not the same as 2-3 out of 5. Take a house car to races and let some of local talent try chassis, and scout for tallent. Or work development deals with talent not just hand these guys things but WORK with them, develope them.

Allow the drivers input on the team dynamics, even bring their old crew chief, buddys or whomever they are comfortable with, into the program. Who ever they COMMUNICATE with as a driver/chief relationship.

Spend the money saved on big name, top drivers to buy needed equipment, track time, R-D ideas, training. BUILDING a team is not the same as buying a team!!

Run the team as a REAL Race team.
people thrive on responsibility, give it to them and hold them accountable.
Make positions, crew-chief, car chief, suspension techs. Let the crew guys get more specialized, and fully understand their areas, and train them. AND most importantly give the crew guys some credit, its not the driver only anymore. Even NA$CAR is focusing on the crew-chiefs and teams more.. It makes the guys involved feel good about all the time, money they devote to the team. Put these guys into some nice uniforms, the value of the uniform for the amount of exposure created would far offset any costs. This lets fans put faces and names to the drivers and teams.
Let the team dynamics develope, move elemets around until it fits. Designate a PR person, for all official public releases and use positive things to move forward. Not BS, he said she said **** from other drivers, the Internet or other outside sources.

Yeah the long term effect is that they might make a super star out of 1 or 2 drivers of the team drivers, but the benifts for 4-5 years would be worth it, the chassiss would be better(more sales), and who knows the drivers might have some loyalty and stay, form all the winning theyed be doing..

The problems with the current ways:
Mods guys wont work on something long enough to make it work, if it doesnt win out of the box they get frustrated. A 1-3 palce driver does not want to go back to running 9-10 until the car gets figured out. A younger driver will accept it, his ego(hopefully) can handle it.

Am I off base on my assesments???

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posted September 09, 2004 09:56 AM  
A team that wants to do well needs
1) have good communication through out the whole team
2) must perform basic maintance to the car
most teams fail these two important items

as for pr most teams lack this because the pr person must devot his/her time soly to make it work. A lot of teams have a hard time getting full crews for there team on a weekly basses to work on the car.

Trying something different on setup for some reason the ne mod teams try it once and it donít work they will not work with it to make it better they will go right back to there stock setup.


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posted September 09, 2004 03:12 PM  
That sums it up pretty well.

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