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Author Topic:   bert tranny
posted March 31, 2006 10:51 AM  
1. Just bought a used bert tranny and I want to check with some people about it. There are like little holes in the end of the tail housing, what are they for? I received it with permatex over the holes. Is this std? So they all have the little holes in them? There are three all together but one has what appears to be a rivit in it. What are those holes for? The are on the extreme tail end of the tail shaft.

2. Also where do you hook up the pedal? Is it the hole next to the bleeder? It doesn't seem to be taped. Do I need a special adapter.


posted April 01, 2006 08:15 AM  
The pedal hookup is on the bottom of the tail shaft facing rearward, If the holes you are refering to are on the left side of the tailshaft about 5/16" in size? I think they are just to mount a shifter to or something. Mine don't have anything in them. If these aren't the holes your refering to I don't know what they are.

posted April 05, 2006 02:20 PM  
the holes you refer to are the back side of the shafts that the shift forks ride on and the silicone (which is standard) just keeps oil from seeping out.

the hole in the bottom of the tailshaft housing is for you pressure line from your pedal.
if you want to make sure you bleed the line correctly then jack up the side of the car with the bleeder on it so the bleeder is the highest point and bleed as normal.

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