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Author Topic:   Will shock work this way?
Dirt Maniac

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posted December 26, 2005 07:47 PM  
Instead of mounting the shock vertical on the same plane as the slider on a B/C, can you mount the shock horizontal off the top of the B/C using the same bolt thru 4-link heim and use clamp bracket on the other end and mount to the cage at a downward angle. Would this keep the car up on the bars and still be within the one shock per wheel rule? What do you think guys, will it or won't it work, I figure someone has tried something like this before.

Dirt Forum Champ
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posted December 26, 2005 07:55 PM  
Don't know about the legality, but I've seen it done on l/ms. You will need to change the shock valving since the motion ratio is going to be quite a bit different.

FWIW. There is some guy down south selling a setup like this for a whole lotta money and claiming large speed gains.

Dirt Maniac

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posted December 27, 2005 05:03 AM been around since 03 i think

Dirt Maniac

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posted December 27, 2005 05:39 PM  
Is it IMCA legal? Has any mod tried this? If we are able to get some play days in before racing starts, I believe we're going to try it.

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