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Author Topic:   panhard bar length
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posted December 10, 2005 01:29 PM  
I'm going to run a 4 bar z link next year with the panhard bar mounted on the back of the axle housing. I run IMCA so it will have to be at least 19" long. Was wondering what would be the ideal lenght for a tight dry slick track that is also rough. I know that the shorter the bar is, the more sensitive to a rough track it will make the car. I was thinking that a bar around 20-22" might be about right to still allow side bite and for the LR to get up on the bars quick, but not get too upset by the bumps? I was wondering if it might be better to even go a little longer with it? I figured that mounting on the back side of the pinion would help the R/C from jumping up and down as much as it will be near the axle centerline. It should gain more angle as the car rolls which would help in getting forward and side bite off the corners. At our track, I think there is 1 4 bar zlink car. Every thing else is a 3 link or monoleaf and a couple of swing arm cars. Wanted to try something different than everyone else. The 4 link car won the most races and the track championship too.

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