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Author Topic:   Time to change?
Hank Hill
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posted December 08, 2005 04:16 PM  
We bought a 2004 DW9 out of state and raced it the last 7 races of last season. Since both the crew chief (me) and the driver were learning--we kept the car the way it was. Now that I have time to go over everything, I want to make the car "right" for next season. (I want a "known" setup to start from.)

The first puzzling thing about the car is that it is a 4/Z and has the LR Spring in front (on a slider) and the RR Spring on top of the Rear End. Everyone I've talked to said that the LR Spring should be behind and that the RR Spring should be in Front. What problems should we have noticed with the spring setup we are running?

We race at a moderately banked egg-shaped 1/2 mile track that is either really good (smooth/tacky) or dry-slick. Since everyone that is winning is running 4/4, we decided to run a 4-Link on both sides, too.

With a 4/4 setup, where should the springs be?

Even though it says I am...I'm not a newbie on this site. I just changed my name since before I used something easy to figure out. I don't want our competitors to know what car I'm talking about.

Thanks to everyone for their help in the past.


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posted December 08, 2005 04:31 PM  
1st the spring on the LR is in the front, is it attached to the birdcage or a axle mount? If on birdcage it is much better to have it behind the axle. This adds bite by the birdcage indexing back when the car is rolling over.
The spring on the RR is a preference of the driver. I prefer it in the front, many like to run it on top.
Having the right rear as a Z link is ok too the problem I had with it was getting the car to turn on a paper clip type of track. It is a more forgiving if you miss the setup or the track changes alot.

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