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Author Topic:   Pics of different suspensions
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posted November 26, 2005 08:54 AM  
I just run an old school 3 link DW and that is all I have messed with. Are there any websites to go to that have pics of all these different suspension setups? I still don't know what it means when people are talking about clamping and riding on birdcages and then it seems like there a ton of different types of pullbars too. I love reading this site and trying to learn about all the different setups, but it gets hard to understand if you don't know exactly what things look like. Thanks for any help.

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posted November 28, 2005 10:57 AM  
On the Dirtworks website in the tech section they had pics that would illustrate to you the differences between 2link, 4bar, zlink, swingarm etc.

Clamping is referred to as when you take your spring off the swingarm or birdcage and mount a clamp bracket on the axle housing and attach your spring at that point.

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