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Author Topic:   Koni Rebound adjustable shocks
Dirt Full Roller

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posted November 09, 2005 07:35 AM  
I was looking through the Southwest Speed catalog and noticed the Koni Rebound adjustable shocks. Has anybody used these before. It seems like these would be a good deal and could save you some money when buying shocks. Thanks.

Dirt Forum Champ
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posted November 09, 2005 10:21 AM  
The problems behind most adjustable shocks is that they are not right.
The can varry on the valving, and are not allways consistant(you go from 5-4 to a 3. then later want to go back to the 5) the second time you go to the 5 it might not be the same as it was the first time. I have also heard that sometimes they will kinda self adjust somewhat just randomly.
Most biggerlate model team quit running the afco double adjustables for that reason.

Dirt Maniac

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posted November 09, 2005 12:37 PM  
I have a set of those 8" stroke, only we can't run them in our IMCA modified. They seemed to work pretty good when I tried them

Dirt Freak

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posted November 09, 2005 05:11 PM  
I have ran them on a Rayburn and a mod work real good but i beleive you cant buy them now.They quit building them.

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